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SunHwa Lee

Love is Feeling, Feeling is Love

June 1 - June 15, 2021
Galerie Pici Seoul

GeunHwa Lee


May 21 - May 31, 2021
Galerie Pici Seoul

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Insights and Revelations

May, 2021
Galerie PIci Seoul | Online Viewing Room


Deep Allure

May 1 - 20, 2021
Galerie Pici Online


Sun Choe uses a strictly minimalist color palette to concentrate upon the form and essence of a single object, such as a bowl, house, and candle. By repeatedly painting these forms in sketch-like strokes, Choe obtains a transcendent state of religious discovery.
Hajin Kang defines himself first and foremost as a painter, layering colors in a mesmerizing series of lines and dots on his canvas. This process is repeated endlessly with a series of different monochromatic colors. The end result is a minimalist blur of color, where the only hint of Kang’s laborious and experimental process is the heaviness of the canvas.

Galerie Pici is a contemporary art gallery with a special focus on contemporary Korean art, with the mission of showcasing the work of mid-career Korean artists.

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