Geuhwa Lee, Flow, 2020

For the online edition of KIAF ART SEOUL 2020, we are excited to introduce two new Korean painters; JungMi Kim and Geunhwa Lee. JungMi’s works are a continuation of her series, Feast of Unconscious, rich in the color gold and paint on Hanji paper, to create a textured surface. Geunhwa’s large scale Flow series reveals a deep ocean space. Her painting process starts with her diving into the ocean then recreates her experience underwater looking up to the surface. 

Presentation also includes paintings by Hajin Kang; sculpture and lenticular works by Shinduk Kang; sculptures by Donghoon Oh; and recent paintings by HeeYeon Kim. 

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To receive a detail information on the works, and to access KIAF ART SEOUL OVR, please contact the gallery below. 

Viewing Lab | May, 2020

Shinduk Kang: Chang in Viewing

Dear friends and family,

 “Ahn-yeong -ha-sae-yo”, (Korean for “Hello”)

Through this unprecedented time, we sincerely hope all of you are well (physically and mentally) and taking care of yourselves and your neighbors. If this has taught us anything, it is the importance of putting our health first and that includes our mental and emotional state. As my own family in New York City is complying with mandatory stay-at-home orders, it has been difficult coping with the stress. But we have been trying to be cheerful and found it helpful to just enjoy simple pleasures like, cooking, cleaning, listening to podcasts, playing boardgame. We have also checked in with our artists in Seoul, and they are well and want to extend their warmest “ahn-yeong-ha-sae-yo” to you.

As for the gallery, all of the Spring and Summer art fairs and exhibitions have been rescheduled to dates in September. As a result, we have been trying to explore more online options and ways to connect virtually with you. 

For a starter we will releases never seen before Shinduk’s lenticular video shots coming week, took here in New York City April 2020. Shinduk’s work is the perfect example of hard to show online only artwork, it requires viewers to move around the artwork to fully take it in. But I think each experience, physical or none-physical, is always integral to the another. Hope this version of presentation help you enjoying her work differently.

See you next time.

– Jung

Shinduk Kang: Change in Viewing online-only exhibition at Viewing Lab(at, to receive a detail information on the works, please contact the gallery below. 

March 5-8, 2020

Art on Paper New York
Pier 36, NYC

To receive a detail information on the works, please contact the gallery below. To attend the fair, purchase tickets here


It’s that time of year when art is at it’s finest. Armory Arts Week in New York City is fast approaching. Presenting, never seen before works from Hajin Kang’s on paper work and Shinduk Kang’s new 2020 lenticular series “Open Air”. Not to be missed. See you soon!

On View

On View

Sodam Kim’s new works takes a powerful approach to exploring regret, and anxiety through both on paper and canvas.

Viewing Lab

Viewing Lab

Kang’s beautifully arranged flowers extend up and outward, filling the frame with rich colorful petals. Playful style is defined by free-flowing forms.

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