For the online edition of KIAF ART SEOUL 2020, we are excited to introduce two new Korean painters; Geunhwa Lee and JungMi Kim. Geunhwa’s large scale Flow series reveals a deep ocean space. Her painting process starts with her diving into the ocean then recreates her experience underwater looking up to the surface. JungMi’s works are a continuation of her series, Feast of Unconscious, rich in the color gold and paint mixed with Hanji paper, to create a textured surface. Presentation also includes paintings by Hajin Kang; sculpture and lenticular works by Shinduk Kang; sculptures by Donghoon Oh; and recent paintings by HeeYeon Kim.

Shinduk Kang

Kang’s warm, playful style is defined by contrasting colors and free-flowing forms. Inherent in her works, there are mesmerizing and meditative, repetitive elements in rhythmic compositions that radiate positive energy.

Hajin Kang

Hajin Kang defines himself first and foremost as a painter, layering colors in a mesmerizing series of lines and dots on his canvas. This process is repeated endlessly with a series of different monochromatic colors. The end result is a minimalist blur of color, where the only hint of Kang’s laborious and experimental process is the heaviness of the canvas.

HeeYeon Kim

HeeYeon Kim’s body of work illustrates movement reminiscent of a simple line drawing, demonstrated with Time Play’s childlike lines and color. Her choice of imagery is often completed in neutral tones, and with repeated brushstrokes. 

GeunHwa Lee

이근화는 바다의 내부 풍경을 그렸다. 사실적 재현과는 좀 거리가 있는 풍경이다. 햇빛이 들어오는 수면 바로 밑의 풍경이 주를 이루며 밑에서 위를 올려다 본 부감의 시선 아래 펼쳐진 공간인데 무엇보다도 태양 빛이 수면 내부로 파고들어 환하게 비추고 있는 장면을 다소 환상적으로 연출하고 있다.

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