2023 KIAF Seoul

Booth A17 | September 6 – 10, 2023 

Galerie Pici is delighted to return to KIAF Seoul, we invite you to join us at booth A17 from September 6 to 10, 2023, at the COEX in Gangnam.

KIAF Seoul 2023 promises to be an extraordinary event, and we are excited to present a captivating lineup of artworks by international artists from our gallery’s roster: Taekyu Yim, Isabella Gherardi, Hajin Kang, and Sunsoo Kim. These artists bring a multi-disciplinary approach to their craft, embracing diverse mediums, pushing boundaries, and challenging traditional forms. The gallery will also showcase the home-made prints and lithograph works of internationally acclaimed artist David Hockney, drawn from the gallery’s collection.

Highlighting the convergence of unique perspectives, we are proud to present the works of Taekyu Yim, a Korean artist based in Beijing and Seoul. His Marginal Man series captures the essence of those who resist cultural norms, utilizing vibrant colors and a comic-style approach derived from his Korean painting training.

Hajin Kang, based in Incheon, skillfully layers her canvases, creating a distinct screen-like effect that seems to bring colors to life from within. This innovative technique infuses her works with a mesmerizing depth and complexity.
Isabella Gherardi, an Italian artist, transcends reality through refined collages, delicate drawings, and subtle shades of color. Her art transports viewers into a timeless realm of exquisite beauty and contemplation.

Isabella Gherardi, an Italian artist, has been carrying out research on “Greenhouses” since the beginning of her artistic career. Using a Hasselblad camera, she captures subjects which are then reworked in the studio by combining refined collages, delicate drawings, and light shades of color, transfiguring reality into a suspended and timeless atmosphere.

Oan Kyu, a Korean-born artist residing in Rome, Italy, enchants with ink-on-paper creations that exude intensity and intimacy. Her signature meditative signs form a unique visual language that speaks to the soul.

Sunsoo Kim, we follow Kim’s recent landscape paintings, set in a rural village in Gokseong Jeollanam-do, where Kim spent his childhood. He relies on fragments of memories rather than being on site to produce them. Kim uses oil paints but his works on canvas emphasize the flatness where almost no texture can be seen.


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