I opened Galerie Pici as a contemporary art gallery with a special focus on contemporary Korean art, with the mission of showcasing the work of mid-career Korean artists and to connect with new art enthusiasts and collectors.

Since opening a permanent exhibition space in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, in 2003, Galerie Pici has expanded its cohort of artists, collections, and international presence. We frequently participate in art fairs across the world, including Seoul, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Milano, Basel, and Toronto. 

In 2017, as life continued to bring new adventures, I found myself permanently transplanted to New York City. And as everything evolved, so too did the gallery. As new opportunities presented themselves, I realized that the body of quality, collectible work, was steadily growing. No matter which new city we exhibit in, it’s always the people we meet who shape us the most. 

They continually remind us of our fundamental mission to discover and bring unique works, context and exceptional value to you. 

The gallery has always been a work in progress: growing, changing, adapting, and living. 


Jung Ha

Director & Owner

Galerie Pici New York

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