Recomposition of Objects by DukHee Kim at GALERIE PICI

From June 26 to July 15, Galerie PICI presents “Recomposition of Objects,” an exhibition by ceramic artist DukHee Kim. This exhibition invites viewers to see beyond the practical purposes of objects, highlighting unexpected combinations of organic forms and textures. This exhibition is part of our ongoing program to introduce contemporary ceramic works to our gallery audience.

DukHee Kim gives everyday items special significance by incorporating gold. The vibrant reds and reflective golds contrast with the natural essence of clay, transforming it into something luxurious and opulent. By integrating gold elements into ordinary bowls, she imbues these items with a sense of importance and grandeur, elevating the mundane to the extraordinary.

Her ceramic works are not only visually captivating but also offer a tactile experience. The artist’s playful and whimsical elements shine through in the exaggerated forms and bulbous protrusions. These almost cartoon-like features add a sense of fun and lightheartedness, providing viewers with a unique joy and delight that is rarely found in traditional ceramics.

Ceramic artist DukHee Kim (b.1969, Seoul) studied ceramics at Ewha Womans University and its graduate school, Seoul. She furthered her studies in Japan as a research student at Tama Art University in 1999 and at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2000, where she completed her doctoral course in 2004. Since her first solo exhibition in Seoul in 1997, she has been actively working between Korea and Japan. “Recomposition of Objects” marks her first solo exhibition with Galerie PICI.

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Dialogues Beyond Words: Powerful Emotional Abstract Art by Five Artists

“Dialogues Beyond Words” presents a curated collection of profound artworks by five distinctive artists: Toshiro Yamaguchi (b. 1956), Onishi Hiroshi (b. 1961-2011), Yiryang Oh (b. 1962), Shinduk Kang(b.1952) and Oan Kyu (b. 1953). This exhibition focuses on the non-verbal, contemplative interactions between the artworks and the viewers, emphasizing the silent yet powerful exchange of ideas and emotions. Each piece delves into abstract interpretations, the tactile nature of art, and the emotional or philosophical explorations communicated through colors, textures, and forms. Together, these works manifest “Dialogues Beyond Words,” as they communicate their essence through visual language alone—conveying emotions, thoughts, and narratives without uttering a single word. This exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in the silent conversations between the artworks and discover the powerful language of art that transcends spoken words.

Oan Kyu (b. 1953, lives and works in Italy)
“Earlier than Writing” by Oan Kyu features an intricate array of hand-drawn lines that undulate across a textured, cream-colored background. The lines form rhythmic, wave-like patterns, interrupted occasionally by blotches that resemble ink drops, suggesting an element of human involvement and the unpredictable nature of prehistoric markings. These variations add an organic touch, embodying the exhibition’s theme of silent, visual communication.

Yiryang Oh (b. 1962, lives and works in Korea)
“Existence Wave” by Yiryang Oh explores the philosophical essence of existence through wave-like textures on contrasting vibrant and muted panels. This artwork represents the continual flux of life’s energies, visualizing different states of being and offering a metaphor for the spectrum of human experiences, aligning seamlessly with the exhibition’s focus on non-verbal expressions.

Toshiro Yamaguchi (b. 1956, lives and works in Spain)
“Voice of Silence” by Toshiro Yamaguchi presents contrasting canvases— one dark with a textured, grid-like pattern and another off-white with a tactile surface showing signs of wear. This juxtaposition evokes a sense of history and the passage of time, reflecting the silent dialogue theme by conveying deep, meditative qualities through simple yet profound visual languages.

Hiroshi Onishi (b. 1961-2011)
“View of Remembrance” by Hiroshi Onishi captures an ethereal scene of delicate, intertwining branches in ghostly white and blue hues, creating a sense of depth and complexity. The artwork invites quiet introspection, perfectly encapsulating the serene and contemplative mood ideal for the exhibition’s theme of transcending spoken word through art.

Shinduk Kang (b. 1952, lives and works in Korea)
“Ocean” by Shinduk Kang is a stainless steel sculpture that abstracts the human form into fluid, reflective contours reminiscent of water. Its polished surface not only mirrors its surroundings but also encourages viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of human and natural elements. This sculpture’s dynamic form and reflective quality offer an interactive experience, inviting silent yet profound exchanges between the art and its audience.

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Galerie PICI is delighted to present ‘One Day, a Walk,’ a solo exhibition featuring the artistry of Mina Jin (b.1966). Running from March 19th to April 1st, 2024, this exhibition offers a captivating glimpse into Jin’s distinctive artistic journey, characterized by a seamless blend of traditional techniques and contemporary themes.

Mina Jin’s artistry is defined by her utilization of everyday elements, such as household objects and natural elements, which she intricately layers and reinterprets to reveal her inner narratives. Drawn primarily from her daily strolls and travels, Jin finds fascination in the ever-changing landscapes and the poetic imagery of trees swaying in the breeze. Her process involves capturing and documenting moments through photography during these daily strolls. These snapshots not only serve as references for her creations but also infuse them with a profound sense of connection to the natural world.

Moreover, Jin actively incorporates the aim to express the unique social dynamics and existential reflections of the COVID-19 era into her works. Through her pieces, she emphasizes personal introspection while also shedding light on societal isolation and the quest for individual identity. Jin’s art not only resonates on a personal level but also addresses broader themes of societal complexity and aesthetic inquiry. Her works serve as a bridge between the intricacies of contemporary society and universal human experiences, inviting viewers to explore new perspectives on personal growth and social issues.

Through Mina Jin’s evocative creations, Galerie PICI aims to inspire meaningful dialogues between art and society, enriching our understanding of the world around us. Mina Jin previously showcased her works in the solo exhibition ‘re-plant’ (2007) at Galerie PICI in Seoul, and her pieces are now part of the prestigious Artbank Collection at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

Mina Jin (b. 1966) earned her BFA in Western Painting from Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul in 1989, followed by an MFA from the same university in 1991. Her first solo exhibition took place in the same year at Gallery Kwanhoon in Seoul. In recent years, she has had solo presentations at venues including Insa Gallery (1995), Gallery Kwanhoon (1999), Insa Art Center (2004), Galerie PICI (2009), Hwabong Gallery (2010), Art Space Nut (2015), West End Gallery (2016), Nature Gallery (2018), and Galerie PICI (2024). Additionally, she has actively participated in international exhibitions, such as the Incheon Women’s Biennale (2011). Jin Mina’s works are held in collections of various institutions and individuals, including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Korea and Sookmyung Women’s University. Her artwork has also been featured in various media, including illustrations in middle school Korean language textbooks.

Galerie PICI

PICI Bldg. 25, Dosan-daero 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06012, Korea




SangHo Byun I Love New York

Galerie Pici Seoul presents “SangHo Byun: Recent Paintings,” an exhibition running from December 29th, 2023 to January 11th, 2024. This showcase offers a exploration of SangHo Byun’s recent paintings, where vibrant colors, captivating imagery, and rich symbolism converge to reveal a thoughtful connection to the contemporary human experience.
Firstly, Byun seamlessly navigates between hyperrealism and abstraction in his paintings, creating a distinctive style. He draws inspiration from everyday life and contemporary themes, making his works resonate with profound relevance. Moreover, his art evokes narratives reminiscent of cherished picture book illustrations, inviting viewers into a world of imagination and storytelling. Additionally, Byun incorporates elements of pop art, bold color palettes, and playful visual cues such as doodles and symbolic expressions like apples and animals. Consequently, he infuses his paintings with energy and dynamism, capturing the essence of modern visual stimulation. Each painting in the exhibition showcases Byun’s unique perspective and his passion for artistic expression. When you look at his paintings, you enter a world where reality mixes with imagination, thus taking you on a journey of exploration and discovery through art.
SangHo Byun (b. 1970) is from Jinju, renowned for its rich cultural heritage. He graduated from Gyeongsang National University’s Department of Art Education and pursued his master’s degree in Western Painting at Changwon University. This solo exhibition at Galerie PICI marks his debut with the gallery. Previously, he has exhibited in cities like Seoul, Daegu, and Changwon, and has participated in various group exhibitions and art fairs.

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2023 Art Toronto

We will return to Art Toronto 2023, and we’re excited to have you discover an exclusive collection of contemporary artworks by exceptional international women artists from our roster, including Shinduk Kang, Isabella Gherardi, and Oan Kyu. We bring together these artists who explore diverse physicalities of the mediums and practices that challenge new developments in traditional forms.

Seoul-based artist Shinduk Kang explores the expressive qualities of abstract shapes and figures across a range of mediums. Kang’s works often incorporate still life elements from her private domain, which she expresses using fast-flowing lines, emitting pleasant energy and intense colors, resulting in rich and modern artwork.

Isabella Gherardi, an Italian artist, has been carrying out research on “Greenhouses” since the beginning of her artistic career. Using a Hasselblad camera, she captures subjects which are then reworked in the studio by combining refined collages, delicate drawings, and light shades of color, transfiguring reality into a suspended and timeless atmosphere.

Oan Kyu is a South Korean artist based in Rome, Italy, primarily works with ink on paper. Through a unique style that involves the use of repeated signs discovered through a meditative process, she creates an intense and intimate experience for viewers.

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Group Exhibition: Various Emotions

To coincide with KIAF Seoul 2023 at COEX, Galerie Pici Seoul, located in Cheongdam-dong, presents the “Various Emotions” exhibition, running from September 1 through 21.
This exhibition spotlights iconic works from the Dansaekhwa artists, including Kim Whanki, Kim Tschang-Yeul, and Park Seo-Bo, drawing from the gallery’s extensive on paperwork collection. Furthermore, we are excited to showcase a captivating array of artworks by international artists from our gallery’s diverse roster, featuring Hajin Kang(b.1943), Shinduk Kang(b.1952), Toshiro Yamaguchi(b.1956), Isabella Gherardi(b.1962), SunSoo Kim(1963), Cai Jin(b.1965), TaeKyu Yim(b.1973), and Mark Stebbins(b.1979).

Galerie PICI

PICI Bldg. 25, Dosan-daero 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06012, Korea



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Song of Allure Exhibition | Shinduk Kang at GALERIE PICI

Galerie PICI is delighted to present “Song of Allure,” a solo exhibition featuring the new lenticular print works of Shinduk Kang, running from August 24 to September 15, 2023. Known for her distinctive approach to imagery and form, Kang’s latest works explore new dimensions through the use of lenticular printing. The lens panel brings her vibrant compositions to life, creating a dynamic visual experience as viewers shift their perspective. Shinduk Kang’s artistry lies in her ability to transform everyday subjects into captivating visual narratives. In “Song of Allure,” she delves into the interplay between foreground and background, juxtaposing bold, colorful shapes with intricate patterns that seem to move and change with the viewer’s gaze.

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Voice of Silence exhibition The Tranquil Art of Toshiro Yamaguchi

Introducing Toshiro Yamaguchi (b. 1956, Okayama, Japan), a Japanese artist based in Spain. His unique technique, combining pigment and oil on wooden boards, results in captivating textures that reflect the tranquility of the natural world through earthy tones and serene gestures. Drawing from the gallery’s collection, Yamaguchi’s works exemplify his mastery of material and form.

Voice of Silence reflects Yamaguchi’s pursuit of pure materials and harmonious visual compositions. His works explore the interplay of light and shadow, presence and absence. This is evident in the way textures and colors shift under different lighting, creating a dynamic visual experience. Raised surfaces and indented patterns catch the light in varying ways, highlighting certain areas while casting shadows on others, thus emphasizing the duality within each piece.

The exhibition features a variety of works, from smaller, more intimate pieces to larger, more commanding ones. The smaller pieces display a range of textures and colors, inviting viewers to appreciate the fine details up close. The larger pieces dominate the space with their bold presence. The black piece, with its complex grid pattern, and the white piece, with its delicate surface, exemplify the interplay of light and shadow, creating a shifting sense of depth and dimension depending on the viewer’s perspective and the ambient light.

This exhibition invites viewers to appreciate the quiet interaction between color and texture. Yamaguchi’s use of pure pigments and structured forms creates a space for reflection and contemplation. Voice of Silence offers a connection to the natural world, where silence speaks through art.

Toshiro Yamaguchi (b. 1956, Okayama, Japan) lives and works in Spain. He graduated in Fine Arts in 1978 from the University of Musashino, Tokyo. Yamaguchi moved to Spain to deepen his study of pictorial materials and their use, which are central to his work. He has developed his career between Japan and Spain, and has exhibited frequently in Italy, Korea, and Germany.

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Colorful Art Exhibition: A Celebration of Vibrancy and Vitality

In a world where colors can profoundly affect our emotions and perceptions, the “Colorful Art” exhibition brings together a collection of works that celebrate the vibrancy and vitality of life itself. This exhibition, running from April 20 to May 15, 2023, emphasizes the role of color in artistic practice and showcases how each of the four featured artists—Robert Indiana (1928-2018, American), Christo (1935-2020, Bulgarian-American) and Jeanne-Claude (1935-2009, French-American), David Hockney (born 1937, British), and Isabella Gherardi (born 1955, Italian)—uses color to create dynamic and impactful art. Their works remind us of the beauty and dynamism that color brings to our everyday experiences, making life richer and more vivid.

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