Image: Shinduk Kang, Lovely Life, 76 x 56 cm / 29.92 x 22.04 in Edition of 3 + 2 AP, 2021. © Shinduk Kang

BAMA 2021

갤러리 피치는 4월 8일 프리뷰를 시작으로 3월 9일부터 11일까지 부산 벡스코에서  ‘BAMA 2021’에 참여합니다. 강신덕, 강하진, 서정희, 최원숙 작가들의 작품들을 부스 E13에서 선보입니다.  부스 전시와 더불어 BAMA 2021 OVR 온라인 뷰잉룸이 갤러리피치 웹사이트에서 동시에 진행됩니다.

As we collectively navigate this time, Galerie Pici is pleased to present our art works for the 2021 edition of the Busan Annual Market of Art (BAMA 2021).  Concurrently, we will be featuring selected artworks at the Viewing Room section, during the fair dates, to offer direct access to the presentation.

2021 화랑미술제
VIP 프리뷰: 4월 8일, 2021
일반관람: 4월 9일 – 4월 11일, 2021
부스 E13, 부산 벡스코

BAMA 2021
VIP preview: April 8, 2021
Public viewing: April 9-11, 2021
Booth E13, BEXCO, Busan, Korea

Following a year of reflection in isolation, we embark on Shinduk Kang’s journey through new and exciting subjects and color stories. Hajin Kang’s method of combining minimal shapes with simplified colors battle between order and chaos. JoungHee Seo’s Time Traveler goes beyond the everyday routine and into a voyage of self-reflection. Introducing a new artist to our presentation is Wonsook Choi whose mixed media artwork layers delicate stories of her experiences from the outside in. 

Shinduk Kang

Kang’s newly incorporated figure is anonymous; her silhouette keeps her a mystery. She represents an idea, one that anyone can step into as themselves. She explores the familiar and unfamiliar, as seen in Alice in Wonderland’s adventures.

Image: Shinduk Kang, Flowers meet the women, 76 x 56 cm / 29.92 x 22.04 in Edition of 3 + 2 AP, 2021. © Shinduk Kang


How would you trace the introduction of the human figure? Are there any influences from philosophies, nature itself, or personal experiences that influenced its emergence?

While going through difficult times like the COVID-19 Pandemic, I came to think a lot about the forest, where I can breathe, walk, explore, and take it slow. The forest is always changing. Some changes are so micro we won’t even notice it for example all the fungi creatures go through their cycle below the surface but it affects the entire forest. From this I did a lot of experimental sketches on the women and the flower. I wanted to dream of a magical hope. – Shinduk Kang

Image: BAMA 2021 Installation View

The newly introduced woman featured in Flowers meet the woman puts new movement onto the surface than in previous works. She contemplates back and forth: should I engage or should I be hesitant? The figure represents the artists’ own reflections during a time of isolation, contemplation, and introspection. 

The concept of dualism between human and nature delicately approaches the interconnectedness they share as they meet for the first time. Their interaction shows the woman in a forward direction and the flowers in a passive state. The environment that the two inhabit is contained within a room which strengthens their relationship as they interact. This closeness is magnified for the viewer to show the inescapable desire for interaction. With human interaction unavailable, Kang enters into a new understanding of what still life can represent.

Hajin Kang

A contemporary landscape through poetic movement

Kang’s hand painted dots lend a striking texture to the canvas as he utilizes different sized dots to create a sense of static energy as seen on a television screen. The countless dots that take over the entire canvas generate an all over amoeba-like vibration.

Image: Hajin Kang, Natural Rhythm (B), 78 x 61 cm / 30.70 x 24.01 in, Framed, 2020.
© Hajin Kang

Hajin Kang’s practice reflects on the tension between movement and restraint. The energy-filled oval is waiting to release beyond its border, searching for a way out. He touches upon this idea of escapism where the darkness clouds the brightness beneath. He questions the ability to release energy while being restrained or forced into confinement. His allover dots roam free, but here they are unable to find their way out. Is there a shared anxiety that will last forever? Is there possibility in change?

While Kang’s minimal acrylic paintings on canvas create a harmonious landscape through poetic movement, his works on paper put emphasis on the intensity found in the interconnectedness of disparate parts. The feverish surface takes layers and layers of paint to secure the chaos of its vibrating environment in this powerful work on paper.

Wonsook Choi

“The flowers whisper through the window, calling for the viewer.”

Image: Wonsook Choi, Longing 2111, Mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 91 x 91 cm / 35.82 x 35.82 in, 2021. © Wonsook Choi

Choi captures Mother Nature through a fisheye lens, from the perspective of the viewer. Her beautiful greens and delicate flower petals poke in and out of the lens, overflowing the small, but vast world. She invites us to share her experience from the outside in.

JoungHee Seo

The calm blue scenery depicts a wandering self-portrait.

Taking time to observe her surroundings, JoungHee Seo embarks on an adventure of every emotion as she reflects on the past, present, and future. She establishes a game of “I Spy” with the viewer, planting subtle objects throughout her paintings to be discovered.

Image: JoungHee Seo, Time Traveler, Acrylic on Canvas, 53 x 45.5 cm / 20.86 x 17.91 in, 2021. © JoungHee Seo

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