Oan Kyu Jung

Oan Kyu lives and works in Rome, where she combines her training as a calligrapher with her fascination for Italian frescoes and other wall painting traditions. Oan Kyu, takes a highly abstracted approach to calligraphy, between visual art and writing.

Hyeja Moon

“The squares complete my paintings where I breathe with a lightened mind.” Hyeja Moon (Artist Note, 8/23/2020)

SoDam Kim

Artist SoDam Kim deals with regret, fear, and anxiety in unknown territory, and finds difficulty in capturing these states of emotion. Her Born in the Air series is an example of this exploration. Sodam Kim Lives and works in Seoul, Korea Exhibits internationally Solo and group show at Institutions Collected by MMCA, Korea   Kim’s …

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JayKwan Kim

JayKwan Kim summarizes his progression of work as an investigation on his belief that space and nature are still a mystery. JayKwan Kim Lives and works in ChungJu, Korea Exhibits internationally Solo and group show at Institutions Collected by MMCA, Korea São Paulo Art Biennial Korean Pavilion He writes, “In my recent series, Myth of …

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BoYeon Kim

Backed by solid design and imagination, she paints the modern person’s psychological and philosophical problems with a cheerful touch. It is certainly wondrous to gaze into the depth of reality through a multiple angle that has been composed by pieces of fragmented memory restricted by time and space. Yoon, Ik Young (Art Critic). “Surrealism in the World of Cubes”. 2016.

Shinduk Kang

Kang’s warm, playful style is defined by contrasting colors and free-flowing forms. Inherent in her works, there are mesmerizing and meditative, repetitive elements in rhythmic compositions that radiate positive energy.

Hajin Kang

Hajin Kang defines himself first and foremost as a painter, layering colors in a mesmerizing series of lines and dots on his canvas. This process is repeated endlessly with a series of different monochromatic colors. The end result is a minimalist blur of color, where the only hint of Kang’s laborious and experimental process is the heaviness of the canvas.

Sun Choe

Sun Choe uses a strictly minimalist color palette to concentrate upon the form and essence of a single object, such as a bowl, house, and candle. By repeatedly painting these forms in sketch-like strokes, Choe obtains a transcendent state of religious discovery.

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