Dong Hoon Lee: The Expanding Bubble

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Dong Hoon Lee: The Expanding Bubble

November 1 - November 20, 2019
Galerie Pici Seoul

Life is like a small shape created in the repetition of inflating soap bubbles that connect and then fall.

Dong Hoon Oh is a sculptor who has always been interested in working with the human body. He sees humans and human experiences as having excessiveness within various parts of one’s life. This perspective is found in his repeated use of spheres, the quantity of bubbles shown on each character is overwhelmingly large, as he plays with scale and proportions. Oh considers himself a “Bubble Man”, someone who is unstable and takes on the form of a bubble. Similar to a bubble, he sees himself as having no fixed shape, transforming over and over again, reflecting the environment around him. He sculpts different forms, branching out from humans into animals, mythical creatures, and hybrid forms between humans and objects. 

Oh takes inspiration from the bubbles used by children to play with. These bubbles morph into different shapes, its unfixed form allowing for change and adaptability. Sticking, detaching, and moving in all directions, these bubbles become symbols for the morphing process he identifies with in himself and in others.

He believes bubbles can also represent vain dreams. Using this reflective surface, Oh prompts the viewer to look past their own reflection and observe the environment mirrored back at them. He overcomes the limitations of this fixed material to expand the bubbles into a limitless space.

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