Hajin Kang

Hajin Kang defines himself first and foremost as a painter, layering colors in a mesmerizing series of lines and dots on his canvas.

This process is repeated endlessly with a series of different monochromatic colors. The end result is a minimalist blur of color, where the only hint of Kang’s laborious and experimental process is the heaviness of the canvas. 

Hajin Kang’s Natural Rhythm series brings the still canvas to life with its endless layers of color and texture. What is purposefully unclear is the answer to the question of where one layer ends and the next begins. Instead, Kang’s colors and paint strokes blur into one another, imbuing the flat canvas with crackling movement and energy, much like static on a television screen.

Hajin works and lives in Incheon, Korea. Kang’s work is in the Art Bank collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea; Art Bank collection of the Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture.

Exhibition with Us

2017 Recent Paintings

2011 The World of Natural Rhythm



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