HeeYeon Kim Time Play Installation View
Installation View HeeYeon Kim: Time Play, Galerie Pici Seoul, 2020
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HeeYeon Kim: Time Play

November 10 - November 17, 2020
Galerie Pici Seoul

HeeYeon Kim’s body of work illustrates movement reminiscent of a simple line drawing, demonstrated with Time Play’s childlike lines and color. Her choice of imagery is often completed in neutral tones, and with repeated brushstrokes. Her process for forming her backgrounds starts with a pour over mixture of stone and glass powder into acrylic. Before it gets dry she scrapes or erases it with a brush and repeatedly pours and dries it to spread the image out. She uses plantlike forms to execute her technical process, playing with texture and blank space. These motifs found in nature are transformed beyond landscape and still life. She has shown her work in major cities such as Seoul, Japan, New York, Berlin, Cannes, and Paris.

Her color choices are bright, bold, and playful. The markings and imprints of flowers resemble a whimsical springtime atmosphere.

Expressing both past and present, Kim integrates the two states of being through depiction and erasure. She explores the stages of creation and extinction using flowers as a form of material. Her botanical subjects rise to the surface in purples, yellows, and reds, against a muted background of sky blue.

HeeYeon Kim achieves his joyful depictions of flowers through layers of color, using a scraping technique memorable in childhood craft activities. The flowers are recreated as a material to express her work and act as a metaphor for the effect of creation and extinction through the blooming and wilting stages.

Installation View HeeYeon Kim: Time Play, Galerie Pici Seoul, 2020

Featured Works

HeeYeon Kim Time Play 2020 Artwork2

HeeYeon Kim
Time Play, 2020
Mixed Media
35.83 x 25.59 inches
91 x 65 cm

HeeYeon Kim Time Play 2020 Artwork

HeeYeon Kim
Time Play, 2020
Mixed Media
46.06 x 35.83 inches
117 x 91 cm

HeeYeon Kim
Time Play, 2020
Mixed Media
45.67 x 35.83 inches
116 x 91 cm

Her compositions show smudged areas that are created using a scraping technique after layering each color. Removing the top layer more and more on varying areas, Kim reveals different colors to highlight each flower. Before painting, she applies thickly mixed paints and scratches them with a sharp tool before drying. She repeats actions of drawing and erasing images to blend the past with the present.

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