Featured in GIF: JangHyuk Kim, Infinite, 2019; Shinduk Kang,  Still Life-Chair, 2019; Geun Hwa Lee, Flow 1, 2020; Hajin Kang, Natural Rhythm (O), 2017; Shinduk Kang, Open Air, 2020. 

Insights and Revelations

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This week we draw our attention to 5 great works by artists Shinduk Kang, Hajin Kang, Geun Hwa Lee, and JangHyuk Kim. Taking themes and inspiration from harmony and nature, these five artists explore personal ideas on the meaning of life, life journeys, and the significance of individual revelations.

Image: Still Life-Chair, 2019. Lenticular. 59 x 35.43 in / 150 x 90 cm  Edition of 3 + 2AP © Shinduk Kang

The large-scale lenticular still life is composed of a chair and plant, both symbolizing a singular existence, but share an interaction. A chair can mean many things to different people. Here it reminds me of home, a place where I’ve established myself and return to time and time again. The chair keeps me grounded whenever I feel lost or drifting from reality. The multi-color room brings joy to the still life composition, flashing vibrant colors as the viewer moves from side to side.

Shinduk Kang
Still Life – Chair, 2019.
59 x 35.43 in (150 x 90 cm)
Edition of 3 + 2AP
USD $ 12,000

Shinduk Kang’s  warm, playful style is defined by contrasting colors and free-flowing forms. Inherent in her works, there are mesmerizing and meditative, repetitive elements in rhythmic compositions that radiate positive energy.

Image: Hajin Kang, Natural Rhythm (O), 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 45.66 x 35.82 in / 116 x 91 cm © Hajin Kang

Hajin Kang develops patterns of dots layered upon one another in order to create a dance between the elements of texture and shape. His delicate placement of each dot has intention, but a natural direction as they are laid from edge to edge of the canvas. He finds balance between the paint and the canvas, and the colors with the dots.

Hajin Kang Natural Rhythm (O), 2017.
Acrylic on canvas.
45.66 x 35.82 in / 116 x 91 cm
USD $ 15,000

Hajin Kang defines himself first and foremost as a painter, layering colors in a mesmerizing series of lines and dots on his canvas. This process is repeated endlessly with a series of different monochromatic colors. The end result is a minimalist blur of color, where the only hint of Kang’s laborious and experimental process is the heaviness of the canvas.

Kim’s circle of life penetrates from the inside out. He uses the color red as a symbol of Jesus’ pain, slung on the lap of the Virgin Mary after the Crucifixion. The orange rings around the center begin to dissipate that pain, a brighter side of life, and the blue outer ring is a cooling sensation of the tragedy that previously occurred.

janghyuk kim infinite artwork image

Image: Infinite, 2019. Mixed media on canvas. Diameter 47.24 in / Diameter 120 cm © JangHyuk Kim

JangHyuk Kim
Infinite, 2019.
Mixed media.
Diameter 47.24  in / 120 cm
USD $ 20,000

Artist Janghyuk Kim painted with oils for most of his early painting career, soon making the switch to water-soluble acrylic paints in order to fulfill his pointillism technique efficiently. Using familiar subjects with bold colors, Kim’s intention through his painting is to find harmony, balance, and a connection with the public.

Traversing the ocean floor, Lee shows multiple perspectives of her adventure underwater. From straight on, the viewer is immersed in the darkness of the deep sea, its black mass consuming the canvas. From the side view, the viewer can see the three-dimensionality as an arrangement of paper representing a school of fish swimming alongside the energy flow kicked up from a submarine.

Image: GeunHwa Lee, Flow 1,  2020. Mixed Media. 45.98 x 35.82 in / 116.8 x 91 cm  © GeunHwa Lee

GeunHwa Lee
Flow 1, 2020.
Mixed media.
45.98 x 35.82 in / 116.8 x 91 cm
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Geun Hwa Lee takes inspiration from her personal connection with the world, specifically the ocean. Many of her works depict landscapes of the ocean floor, creating movement with three-dimensional paper to mimic schools of fish.

Image: Shinduk Kang, Still Life – Open Air,  2020. Stainless Steel. approx. 14.17 x 15.74 x 16.53 in / approx. 36 x 40 x 42 cm © Shinduk Kang

Examining Shinduk Kang’s ‘Open Air’ stainless steel sculpture series is an adventure into her imagination. The title of the series lends itself to the idea that there is no definite reference to what these sculptures are, but rather what they could be. I immediately think of a vast field, with flowers, fruits, vegetables, similar to farmland. We can imagine that there are pumpkins, squash, giant flower bulbs, lining the field. Their red, blue, and silver colors are unusual to find in such an environment, which makes her sculptures all the more intriguing with their blend of nature and fabrication.

Shinduk Kang
Still Life – Open Air, 2020. 
Stainless Steel
approx. 14.17 x 15.74 x 16.53 in / approx. 36 x 40 x 42 cm
USD $ 6,000

Korean artist Shinduk Kang explores the expressive qualities of abstract shapes and figures across a broad practice that encompasses works on paper, prints, sculptures, video, and fabric installations. Kang typically works in series with continuity throughout her works that reflect a festive and celebratory mood which embodies her universal desire to emphasize affirmative living.

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