JayKwan Kim

JayKwan Kim summarizes his progression of work as an investigation on his belief that space and nature are still a mystery.

He writes, “In my recent series, Myth of Cube, I was trying to overcome the grid, an element of geometry that creates an optical illusion, by exploring invisible space within the work. My interest in geometry also examines the essence of nature through my visual language rather than abstract painting.”

He considers working with the grid and geometry as a primitive expression, a part of his artistic departure. He wants to overcome and go beyond scientific and mathematical approaches by transcending into an artistic frame of mind. He seeks harmony and balance in the world of order through symmetry and vitality.

In 1987, he was selected one of artists represented  in the São Paulo Art Biennial Korean Pavilion. He has shown his work internationally in Tokyo, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Seoul. Myth of Cube series can be found in Art Bank Collection in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. 



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