JinMyung Park

JinMyung Park, Unmoving and Shimmery, Muk ink and mixed media on paper, 61 x 80 cm, 2007. © JinMyung Park

JinMyung Park is fascinated by the moon jar, a distinctive spherical pottery dating from the 14th century Joseon dynasty. Park uses pearlescent paint to recreate the moon jar’s signature glaze in a series of paintings.

Unlike the original milky-pale vessels, however, Park’s moon jars are jet-black, and elaborately decorated with flowers and other organic materials. Park, who lives and works in the lush, mountainous terrain of CheongJu, attempts to recreate for his audience a similar feeling of oneness between man and nature. Against the shimmering darkness of the painting, nature is detectable only to the patient and watchful viewer – an intimate moment that suggests a garden by moonlight. 

In 2009, Park was selected for the prestigious CJAS(CheongJu Art Studio), run by CheongJu Museum of Art, Korea. His work is part of the permanent collection at the CheongJu Museum of Art, Korea.


Exhibition with Us

2010 Shimmery



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