Feburary, 2020
Viewing Lab

JungJo Na’s body of work appears soft, yet enriched in color. Her interest lies within the depth and vitality of the space near the surface.

Following her exhibition “Relationship” last December, 2019 in our Seoul gallery space, Na welcomes viewers to continue their experience with this online presentation of two works.

Included online are two works from her earlier series during 2008 and 2009. Through these series, she offers a unique view on the development of her silk layering process.

Jungjo Na studied Oriental Painting in Seoul, then moved to New York City and received her MFA in Digital Arts from Pratt. She currently lives and works in Seoul. We sat down with JungJo Na to extract her notion on the significance of layering.


Jungjo Na

Recent Exhibition with Us

2019 Relationship

2017 Floating Bubble: Snow


"I paint on the canvas and then work on another layer of paint on silk on top of it.
And this gap between the two creates the light. "
- Jungjo Na

The airy clouds suggest a pattern of seasonal change through their overlay of the trees. She warms the viewer with her choice of colors and her ability to lightly intertwine nature’s elements.

The translucent overlay of shapes depicts the artists’ intention to take the viewer into a floating state of reality. The outlined shapes harmonize with the solid circles as they combine beautifully into one.

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