JungJo Na

Jungjo Na, Brown Cloud, 72.7 x 52.5 cm, Mixed media on rice paper and silk, Boxed frame, 2009.

JungJo Na’s body of work appears soft, yet enriched in color. Her interest lies within the depth and vitality of the space near the surface. To achieve this depth, she overlaps translucent silk and paints onto it, providing continuity between the two elements. She creates a three-dimensional effect using silk layering over her canvas. 

The titles Blue Rain, Grey Leaf, and Brown Cloud suggest her quest to find an essence of natural phenomena in seasonal change: clouds, wind, shooting stars.

Overall, her works give a floating feeling, inviting viewers to experience a different time and space. Her technique of painting on silk creates a visual illusion, which plays with visible and invisible, overlapping areas.

JungJo Na studied Oriental Painting in Seoul, then moved to New York City and received her MFA in Digital Arts from Pratt. She currently lives and works in Seoul.

Exhibition with Us

2019 Relationship

2017 Floating Bubble: Snow




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