Mark Stebbins: Seekers

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Mark Stebbins: Seekers
March and April, 2023
Galerie Pici Online

Mark Stebbins’ new body of work showcases intricate acrylic paintings on wood panels that explore the domains of abstract art, craft, textile and memory. Mark’s recent works draw attention from historical quilts and are visually inspired by their unique expressions. Quilts, which are often undervalued due to their functional nature, are created through laborious sewing and carry the memories of each scrap piece. They serve as a tool to transmit the creator’s identity and cultural context throughout time.

Mark’s meticulous approach to his creative process involves using acrylic ink and repetitive hand labor to build up layers of line work, adding depth to his paintings. This process emphasizes constant reevaluation and reflects the long-standing human tradition of finding satisfaction in making things by hand. The craft and abstract art fusion challenges traditional ideas of creativity and expression, resulting in unique designs.

The overall simplicity of Mark’s work can be deceiving from a distance, as they hold a strong visual appeal with a graphic-like quality. His body of work includes a variety of subject matters, ranging from geometric patterns to floral arrangements. The muted colors used in his paintings are inspired by old and discolored fabric pieces, adding depth and complexity to the designs as colors and shapes are thoughtfully placed to achieve various visual effects.

Mark Stebbins, 2023, Seekers, Acrylic ink on board, 10 x 8 in

“A cusp is a transition point between two states or historical periods. I like this sense of the word in relation to the pandemic, a transition that has upended all of our lives in various ways. I worked on particular pieces for more than a year, frequently disrupted, returning to it each time to re-evaluate what to embrace and what to let go. It felt like a parallel to my life during the same period. ”
- Mark Stebbins

Mark Stebbins, 2023, Rebuilder, Acrylic ink on board, 9 x 9 in

Image: Mark Stebbins © courtesy of  the artist

Mark Stebbins is a visual artist residing in London, Ontario, Canada. He is known for his intricate acrylic paintings on wood panels that explore the domains of abstract art, craft, and digital imaging. With a passion for abstraction, memory, quilting, and pixelation, Mark creates captivating works of art that are both dense and abstract in nature. His painting process is slow and contemplative, as he works with acrylic ink to craft each line, stitch, or pixel with precision. Mark’s paintings explore the interplay between abstract and figurative imagery, delving into the relationship between digital images and memory, and the timeless art of hand-crafted textile practices like quilting and embroidery.

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