OanKyu 09170432

Oan Kyu 정완규

Earlier than Writing
Ink drawing, Hanji on Panel
26 4/5 × 47 1/5 × 3/5 in | 68 × 120 × 1.5 cm
Oan Kyu living in Rome exercises her calligraphic composition to perceive a higher dimension of the "self." Oan Kyu is firmly rooted in the tradition of Eastern calligraphy. A complex rapport between visual art and writing is at the center of her artistic research. With the same technique, the same tools - ink, inkstone, brush, and paper - achieve a pictorial "automatism". Lines and points do not form a static image but embody a vibration, an abstract and together, bodily compositions like a musical score. The concept of using a brush for drawing shows how difficult it can be to define where the drawing leaves off and painting begins.
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