Oan Kyu Jung

Oan Kyu lives and works in Rome, Italy, where she combines her training as a calligrapher with her fascination for Italian frescoes and other wall painting traditions. 

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Oan Kyu, Italy

Oan Kyu, takes a highly abstracted approach to calligraphy, between visual art and writing, where dots and lines are rhythmically woven together into a hypnotic texture. Her work has drawn comparisons to American abstract expressionists such as Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock, who share her interest in the act of painting as a quest for self-discovery.

Works from Oan Kyu’s “Earlier than Writing” and “Wide” series are in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

Oan Kyu / 정완규

Earlier than Writing
Ink, Hanji on Panel
20 1/10 × 52 in / 51 × 132 cm

Oan Kyu / 정완규

Ink, Hanji on Panel
39 2/5 × 20 1/10 in / 100 × 51 cm
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