Heaven and Earth: Lovely Life
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Shinduk Kang / 강신덕

Heaven and Earth: Lovely Life
Screenprint, embossing, drawing and terracotta on paper
42 1/2 × 30 7/10 × 2 in / 108 × 78 × 5 cm
Drawing and printmaking offer important aspects of Shinduk Kang’s practice. As Kang develops her work from one medium to another, she takes her themes and makes variations on them, as evident in her Heaven and Earth series. She gathers from her granite sculptures the concept of their forms and places them in a new, two-dimensional environment. Her technique of embossing sections of the printwork adds a hint of mystery. She continues to play with layering where she draws with pencils while using acrylic to cover the surface and give it more depth.
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