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Shinduk Kang / 강신덕

Lovely Life – Tulipa
25 3/5 × 17 7/10 in / 65 × 45 cm
In Shinduk Kang’s Still Life, lenticular series, although flowers continue to appear in the center, the Tulip holds significant importance to her as it did for other artists during the Golden Age of Duch flower painting. With a distinctive cup-like form, Shinduk Kang captures their subtle variations across species in her smaller scaled works. But in this new Tulipa series (much bigger in size), the flower imagery is more focused in shape and mass with the color blocks contrasted against the line drawing of the vase and water lines. Her use of color here is not naturally occuring in tulips, so these are largely made up in her abstraction process. Here she takes the lines out from the bulb, using its form to explore the range of her coloring gestures. Reflected in her color play, Tulipa-Yellow, is a bright yellow background that changes to dark navy with dark burgundy flower bulbs. Her contrasting color choices work, not only as a whole, but also to one another. She displays the same drawing with a purple and blue color set, all perfectly complementary to one another, as if they were meant to be a diptych. Her color palette regularly juxtaposes a range of contrasting colors, revealing Shinduk’s artistic strength in creating a harmonious balance of colors.
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