Shinduk Kang (Korean, b.1952)

Lovely Life / 러블리 라이프
Lenticular / 렌티큘러
76 x 55.5 cm
Edition of 3 + 2AP

Available Ed 2/3

$ 3,800 USD / ₩ 380 만원

Kang transfigures ordinary rooms into nature’s home. Her choice to elevate flowers on a chair poses the question: are the flowers being observed or are they the ones observing? It is conceivable that the flowers are personified, positioned in a contemplative position.

Kang’s viewers are never alone when looking at her floral arrangements, as they look back at you and generate memories near and far. It could be from childhood, a past life, or a prominent time in one’s life that they become reminded of in an instant. Lilies are a sign of rebirth and purity. Their elegant, trumpet-shaped petals exudes a harmonious presence. Any difficulties or challenges are erased through the presence of these flowers. They give hope to new beginnings and purity for the future.

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