Shinduk Kang (Korean, b.1952)

Lovely Life (Blue, Pink)
Lenticular / 렌티큘러
76 x 56 cm ( 29.92 x 22.04 in )
Edition of 3 + 2AP
$ 3,800 USD / ₩ 380 만원

Kang’s new series is full of color experiments, using pop-like combinations to define the room’s space. Her childlike humor plays on a three-sided view of the original classic Rubik’s Cube. Her experimentation develops further with the lenticular effect changing the Rubik’s cube’s colors on the viewer.

Shinduk Kang has spent the last year taking seasonal changes into consideration with her new 2021 lenticular series. She’s incorporated more shades of pink than ever before, however, this is not her first relationship with pink. Kang found her love for the color as early as the 1980’s when she discovered she was going to be a mother. This shift in lifestyle garnered a new interest in lightness, where she was able to appreciate the delicacies of innocence, childhood, and rapid changes.

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