Janurary, 2020
Viewing Lab

Kang’s warm, playful style is defined by contrasting colors and free-flowing forms. This reflects the artist’s desire to emphasize life’s small, yet essential, pleasures. Lenticular lens printing adds luminous depth to the flowers in Shinduk Kang’s works. 

Kang’s beautifully arranged flowers extend up and outward,filling the frame with rich colorful petals. Her extensive use of lines in this lenticular produce a deep, forest driven, environment. Her shapes are rounder, wider, and more clustered with greater detail.

Kang received her BFA and MFA in sculpture from HongIk University. In 1988, she did terracotta studio practice at White Place Studio, Boston, USA. Currently she works and lives in Seoul showing her work internationally. Kang’s “Still Life Lenticular” and “Growing Stone Sculpture” series are in the Art Bank collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

Shinduk will show her new “Jupiter” series at Art on Paper during Armory Arts Week in New York City. 


Shinduk Kang

Exhibition with Us

2019 Lovely

2018 Colorful Garden

2017 Party

2016 Lovely Life

It has an obvious placement, separate from the others by the leaves in the middle.
Her study of still life carries a particular weight throughout this recurring symbol.

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