Shinduk Kang

Shinduk Kang explores the expressive qualities of abstract shapes and figures across a range of different mediums, including granite, silk fabrics, and lenticular lenses.

Kang typically works in series with continuity throughout her works that reflect a festive and celebratory mood which embodies her universal desire to emphasize affirmative living.

Born 1952 in Seoul, Korea, Shinduk Kang majored in sculpture, received her BFA (1976) and
MA (1992) in art education from Hongik University in Seoul. She completed a ceramic art
residency at White Place Studio, Boston, USA in 1989. As she explained, this ceramic art
residency propelled her use of different mediums and working across the mediums in her
practices. Kang has exhibited widely throughout the world since the late 1980s. 2005 marked the artist’s first major museum survey, consisting of public scale installations, sculptures, drawings, and prints from 1980’s to 2005, at the Gwang-Ju Art Museum in Korea. She also travelled to the villages of Gonnesa in Sardinia, Italy for her ongoing ghost town project in 2006 and received the Star of Italian Solidarity Knighthood, from the Italian government.

Kang’s “Still Life Lenticular” and “Growing Stone Sculpture” series are in the Art Bank collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. 

Exhibition with Us

2019 Lovely

2018 Colorful Garden

2017 Party

2016 Lovely Life


Kang’s warm, playful style is defined by contrasting colors and free-flowing forms. Inherent in her works, there are mesmerizing and meditative, repetitive elements in rhythmic compositions that radiate positive energy.
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