SoDam Kim

Sodam Kim, Canna, Pastel, Mixed media on paper, 2020. © Sodam Kim

Artist SoDam Kim deals with regret, fear, and anxiety in unknown territory, and finds difficulty in capturing these states of emotion. Her Born in the Air series is an example of this exploration.


Kim’s new series takes a more powerful approach to exploring these states of regret, fear, and anxiety. She continues with her enlarged images centered on the canvas, but now her images are full of life, detail, and include a range of colors. She takes a complex look into the inside of female emotions while simultaneously using gentle forms.

After receiving her BFA in Seoul, she moved to Frankfurt, Germany and began her artistic career. Kim is exhibiting her work internationally; in France, Germany, and Korea. She currently lives and works in Seoul and has held solo exhibitions at Posco Art Museum, Seoul and Soma Drawing Center, Seoul. She also was chosen for a prestigious artist residency in 2004, Goyang Residency run by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea; in 2006 at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.

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