Soungsoo Lee
이성수: 핑크맨의 사유
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Soungsoo Lee: Pinkman Thinking

October 15 - October 23, 2019
Galerie Pici Seoul
Opening 10/15, 5:00PM

Soungsoo Lee’s PINKMAN series is created around warm characters found in different human situations. He defines them in three distinct categories: Lover, Giver, Camper. Lover is based upon someone who values others, animals and objects, and even their profession. The artist believes, “when they confirm the intimacy, unity, and relationship between themselves and the object they love, they feel very happy and warm.” The Giver is a person who shares their possessions and belongings with others. Their special gift generates warmth and it radiates around them. Camper refers to the saying “happy camper”, those who found joy in everyday life, appreciating the little things.

In choosing the color pink to represent these three characters, he needed something that was warm, but without any prejudice, and had not been associated with anything special before. He found pink to be the most appropriate color to encompass the warmth in his person.

Lee received his BFA in sculpture from Seoul National University. In 2011, he participated in Gallery Force, Beijing studio residency. In 2018 he received an MFA in public art from SungShin University. Currently, he works and lives in Seoul, Korea. His works are in the Art Bank collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. His first presentation begin with us is; indicators (2014), Magical Realism: Greenhouse (2015) and Pinkman Thinking (2019). 


When people reflect back on life and realize something, they touch it, they turn pink.

Installation View, Soungsoo Lee: Pinkman Thinking, Galerie Pici Seoul, 2019

Soungsoo Lee / 이성수

Portrait of the Intellectual / 어느 지식인의 초상
Oil on canvas
72.7 x 60.6 cm

Lee uses this bold color throughout his entire Pinkman series to symbolize the warmth he sees in the people around him. Juxtaposing his characters against religious motifs, Lee uses stained glass backgrounds to make his figures pop even more. The combination of pink with the colorful windows makes for a warm and inviting environment for his viewers.

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