Sun Choe


Sun Choe uses a strictly minimalist color palette to concentrate upon the form and essence of a single object, such as a bowl, house, and candle. By repeatedly painting these forms in sketch-like strokes, Choe obtains a transcendent state of religious discovery. 

“All of a sudden,” the artist writes, “I realized that we all were like bowls. Whatever the shape, we are all precious and deserve to be filled in.” 

At first glance, Sun Choe’s painting Pray (2014) appears to hold up to the serene and contemplative image suggested by its title. Yet a closer glance reveals a clutter of broad brushstrokes, a rough-hewn canvas, and hazy boundaries between the outline of the depicted bowl and its background. The painting is analogous to the act of prayer itself, where a calm exterior belies the storms of thought and concentration swirling beneath.

Point of Time (2018) follows a lineage of artists inspired by the Korean moon jar’s uniquely rotund shape. Criss-crossing lines slash through the painting, imbuing the jar with an uneasy energy and creating a compelling tension between negative and positive space on the canvas. 

Exhibition with Us

2019 Be Still


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