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SunHwa Lee / 이선화

Microtopia I – 1
Mixed media on canvas
181.8 x 162.2 cm

In this exhibition, we are excited to present works by artist Mauro Rizzo with several small-sized paintings. He references stories from the Bible using shapes as symbols of significant markers in Jesus’ journey. Using a single avenue toward eternal life, Rizzo’s narrow door represents the space in which one must pass through, aware of the passage from the light seeping in.

The rectangles represent the Narrow Door, which we understand to be Jesus as the Door. These doors are painted similar to stained glass windows seen in church buildings, lined beside one another in rows.

The landscapes Rizzo creates using hills and vast skies, symbolizes the Golgotha Hill on which Jesus was crucified. This significant location reoccurs throughout the artist’s Untitled series of biblical narratives.

Inserted throughout his works are symbols of the cross. Painted literally and in abstracted forms, this recognizable symbol also takes shape as a figure. The scarecrow-like contortions bend and hover over the hill, subtly announcing its presence.

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