Voice of Silence exhibition The Tranquil Art of Toshiro Yamaguchi

Introducing Toshiro Yamaguchi (b. 1956, Okayama, Japan), a Japanese artist based in Spain. His unique technique, combining pigment and oil on wooden boards, results in captivating textures that reflect the tranquility of the natural world through earthy tones and serene gestures. Drawing from the gallery’s collection, Yamaguchi’s works exemplify his mastery of material and form.

Voice of Silence reflects Yamaguchi’s pursuit of pure materials and harmonious visual compositions. His works explore the interplay of light and shadow, presence and absence. This is evident in the way textures and colors shift under different lighting, creating a dynamic visual experience. Raised surfaces and indented patterns catch the light in varying ways, highlighting certain areas while casting shadows on others, thus emphasizing the duality within each piece.

The exhibition features a variety of works, from smaller, more intimate pieces to larger, more commanding ones. The smaller pieces display a range of textures and colors, inviting viewers to appreciate the fine details up close. The larger pieces dominate the space with their bold presence. The black piece, with its complex grid pattern, and the white piece, with its delicate surface, exemplify the interplay of light and shadow, creating a shifting sense of depth and dimension depending on the viewer’s perspective and the ambient light.

This exhibition invites viewers to appreciate the quiet interaction between color and texture. Yamaguchi’s use of pure pigments and structured forms creates a space for reflection and contemplation. Voice of Silence offers a connection to the natural world, where silence speaks through art.

Toshiro Yamaguchi (b. 1956, Okayama, Japan) lives and works in Spain. He graduated in Fine Arts in 1978 from the University of Musashino, Tokyo. Yamaguchi moved to Spain to deepen his study of pictorial materials and their use, which are central to his work. He has developed his career between Japan and Spain, and has exhibited frequently in Italy, Korea, and Germany.

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