Wonsook Choi

Wonsook Choi, Road to Home 2016, 117 x 91 cm, Acrylic and Mixed media, 2020. © Wonsook Choi

“전통적 민화를 현대적으로 해석해 시간의 흐름과 공간의 과거에 대한 그리움, 어린시절 추억을 화폭에 담았다. ” – 최원숙

Wonsook Choi lives and works in Incheon, Korea. She continues to explore themes of “Going Home”, “My Home”, and “Longing”. The Lotus flower motif comes heavily from her youth, recalling how her mom would go to temple to pray while she would play around the temple garden, observing the fish ponds that surrounded it. 

Exhibition with Us

2020 Road to Home



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