YiRyang Oh

YiRyangOh Existence Solo Exhibition at Galerie Pici Seoul

Yiyang Oh graduated in painting at the College of Fine Arts at Chosun University in Gwangju, then went to Japan in 1986 for his MFA in Printmaking at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan.

From 1992, he has been showing his work locally, mainly in Gwangju and Seoul, and internationally. His major works are in printmaking, and notably in these exhibitions and art Biennale; Graphic Art Biennale, Uzice, Yugoslavia; Agart World Print Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Biennial Ibiza Graphic, Ibiza, Spain; Biennial of Graphic Art Beograd, Yugoslavia; Portland International Print Exhibition, United States; Norwegian International Print Triennial. Oh has always rooted his art practices in Gwangju where he has a huge art community base and platform. This city is known for its Gwangju Biennial since 1995 and was appointed part of the Unesco Creative Cities Network in 2014. Part of this rich art scene in Gwangju, his work has been expanding his artistic horizons delving into media installations and dealing with different mediums such as silicon on canvas. His work was featured significantly in one of four parts of “site” exhibitions at the 2002 Gwangju Biennial. “Existence” series is an ongoing series that the artist has been working on since the beginning of his artistic career. Oh, develops his image in a quiet manner, starting with geometrical compositions and use of color to create rhythmic and orderly beauty. His visual cues enable the viewer to experience a mysterious sense of life and question the natural origin of everything, thus existence. Oh’s work can be found in several museums including the Portland Art Museum, United States; The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza, Spain; Museum of International Contemporary Graphic Art, Fredrikstad, Norway; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea; Seoul Museum of Art, Korea; Busan Museum of Art, Korea; Taejon Museum of Art, Korea; Gwangju Museum of Art, Korea; Jeju Museum of Art, Korea. Oh lives and works in Gwangju and Seoul, Korea.
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